StreetwiseSubbie’s unique and proven service will put and end to your payment problems!

"We now use Barry and his team as our 'Defacto' point of reference on all of our contract, payment and dispute 'issues'. We have been around 25 years and only became a 'Gold Buddy' last year. I cannot recommend Barry and his team highly enough, don't struggle on your own, touch base with him. Anyone who wants to know what they have done to help us personally then message me or call me but don't think you have to fight on your own, there is honest help out there!"

Chris Hickling RCDD. CDCDP (Director) - Electron Technical Services Ltd

The UK’s Leading Support Network for Specialist Contractors connects you with free professional legal, contractual and commercial advice that is exclusively geared to support Specialist Contractors working in the UK construction and engineering industries.

"A company went bump on us owing quite a bit of money. Andrew (Our Streetwise Consultant) guided us through our options and we are now working with the end client to re-coup some of our losses ... the moral of this story, get signed up to StreetwiseSubbie and make use of what it has to offer."

Gerard Duffy (Managing Director) - Enterprise Electrical Ltd

Set up by an ex-Specialist Contractor for Specialist Contractors

Our nationwide team are all construction and engineering professionals and we know just how hard it is for Specialist Contractors to get paid properly.

And because we have been there and done it at the sharp end, we have designed a service which is completely different from the kind of thing you may already be getting from your Trade Association, Solicitor or Business Consultant.

We are there with you in the trenches and get results fast - at a sensible price that you can easily afford.

You will have access to a nationwide network of leading industry experts who can help you with over 40 different aspects of your business!

Our goal is your wealth and security, but right now we know you are focussed on getting paid. So what you need to know is that our professionally qualified team are experts at helping you to get your works properly valued, defeat those spurious contra charges, and ensure you get paid what your are entitled to, and without delay!

Every single member of our team has years of experience out there in the construction and engineering industries and we know just what you have to endure when you try to get paid.

It's time to stand up to late payment, spurious contra charges, under -certification and the bully boy QS!

You get a cost effective alternative to other, more conventional and more expensive ways to access legal, contractual and commercial advice.

Access Your Free Advice Today

Once you’ve signed up, one of our experts will contact you by telephone within a maximum of 24 hours (often same day) and provide up to one hour of detailed professional advice, for no further cost whatsoever.

Our help isn’t just limited to solving your current problem because you will have access to ongoing free advice to resolve any commercial contractual matter or payment problem that you might be struggling with in the future. And the resources that will be at your disposal will help protect your business for the future.

StreetwiseSubbie is a proven, successful resource for Specialist Contractors just like you.

"StreetwiseSubbie provides no nonsense contractual advice that’s easy to understand and their professional consultants have solved several difficult payment situations. It was thanks to them that we got paid, so I would wholeheartedly recommend their membership scheme to all Specialist Contractors."

Ian Radford (Managing Director) - MI Electrical Solutions Limited

Your decision to become a StreetwiseSubbie Gold Buddy is RISK FREE because as a Gold Buddy you are entitled to all this for only £21.92 per week!

2 hours of free professional advice every month: 1 hour contractual and commercial consultancy and 1 hour marketing consultancy worth a minimum of £170 per month.

An initial consultation: so that we can get to know each other assess your problems and learn your strengths. The “Commercial and Contractual” and “Business Development” consultations are each worth £600.

2 StreetwiseSubbie Power Resource Toolkits©: These unique kits include your Power Resource Manuals© dedicated to “Commercial and Contractual” matters and “Business Development/Sales and Marketing”. Together these Power Resource Toolkits© are full of practical information and resources and are worth in excess of £2,000.

Monthly Power Resource© Updates: every month you will receive further sections that build into a unique compendium of StreetwiseSubbie Power Resources© written exclusively for Specialist Contractors.

StreetwiseSubbie has a comprehensive website designed to help you in your day-to-day business activities: You can use your personal PIN number to access this exclusive and in depth resource.

Email Support on tap: If you can’t find what you need within the Streetwise Power Resources Toolkit© or on the website then you can simply email any questions you have relating to any aspect of your business and we will find you the answer.

Streetwise Empowerment Vouchers: These valuable benefits are only available to StreetwiseSubbie members and connect you with even more specialist resources such as advice on quality health and safety and environmental certification. at highly preferential rates and some are even free of charge.

At only £21.92 per week solving just one £5,000 payment problem means you will have recovered the cost of six months membership SEVEN times over!

And that’s just the start of your journey towards greater profitability, because with our help and support your payment problems can be a thing of the past ...

And to ensure this is completely and utterly risk free, there is no long-term commitment because if you are not entirely satisfied, you are welcome to cancel any time after the first three months.

Short Term Solutions and Long Term Protection


Over the first 12 months the whole package is worth a massive £5,500 but you only pay £21.92 per week!

Here's a few thoughts about the benefits of joining us....

Remember Our Buddies wouldn't be without us

"Sub-Contractor friendly, down to earth commercial and contractual advice and support that has already helped us enormously."

Karl Bradshaw (Director) - B&S Electrical Contractors Ltd

"We employed Ashmore Consulting (Our Streetwise Consultant) following a lengthy payment dispute between ourselves and a main contractor whose contract had been terminated by their client. Less than two weeks later all due monies were in our bank account!! The service we received was prompt, professional and affordable. We strongly recommend Ashmore Consulting and StreetwiseSubbie to anyone needing help and advice with regards to any contractual dispute."

James Hunt (Managing Director) - Select Facades Ltd

Get An Immediate Solution and Long Term Protection


One low monthly subscription that you can cancel any time!
No long term commitment.*

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